Dental Can I still add programs after I submit my application?

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Dec 25, 2016
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So I finally finished all the sections of the application except for all the programs I want to add (I only finished 1 ) my questions is if I were to press submit my application now, right after can I still work on programs so I dont waste time while my application is being verified? or is it that I cant work on the program part of the application regardless?thanks
You can submit to 1 school to start the verification process, but keep in mind literally *nothing* can be changed except for the "Program Materials" section of any schools you have not paid for. So the answer to your question is yes, but really make sure everything else from the other 3 sections are perfect since you won't be able to edit them at all (even for minor typos) after you have submitted and paid to that 1st school. After submission, you can only add new experiences and later on, during the academic updates, you can add new grades.
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