Medical Can I still get into Medical School?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hi everyone. I am a Junior at ASU and I currently have a 3.0. I am in the honors college, have worked for doctors, and currently volunteer at Mayo Clinic. I am taking my MCAT in April and assuming I get a good score, do you think it is possible to still attend medical school after my undergraduate? If so, any tips I should know or things to do in order to ensure I do make it there????
What was your prehealth advisor's or honors college director's response?

We don't take any bets until we see an official MCAT report. Talking about your practice scores is like a fishing story about the scores you should have gotten. ASU's health professions office is very good and often works closely with other admissions directors, especially within the state of Arizona.

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I want to add on that even if you score well on the MCAT, not only will it not make up for your GPA, it will make your GPA stand out even more regarding the disparity. Being that MCAT is a single score and GPA is longitudinal, it may even work against you.

You need to get you GPA up IMO regardless of MCAT.
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