Medical Can I verify the results of the background screening before submitting my AMCAS application?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Is there a way to verify what the Certiphi background screening will show medical schools before I submit my AMCAS application? I read the AMCAS guide I saw that you can use the code CERTAP2021, and request a preliminary report before the report is requested/release to schools, but that code does not seem to work yet on the Certiphi web site. Will that code only work once my AMCAS application is submitted?

Seven years ago I was arrested, but I was not convicted of the initial charge. I have documents from the court that show in the case history "Filing recorded: Expungement/Application for Expungement". I also have an e-mail from my attorney, where I showed him the AMCAS guidelines and asked if this was something that I needed to disclose on my application, and he said, "You haven't been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony." Out of an abundance of caution, though, I would like to see what the schools are going to see when Certiphi runs my background screening because if for some reason something shows up, I would rather address it upfront and not have it look like I am saying one thing and my background screening is saying something else. I want to make sure my AMCAS primary reflects what the background screening will reflect. If the incident comes up, I have no problem disclosing it, but if it does not I see no reason to put it in my application because I do believe the incident is past and clear. I just want to make sure there are no inconsistencies.

Does anyone know how I can do this? It seems like the code to pay ~$70 for the 2021 cycle is not working yet. Will it not activate until I submit my primary? I want to make sure my primary application is accurate first. Thanks for any help!
Yes, you can always pay for one before applying, which is why the information to get one done is provided for you which you discovered.
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