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Can someone explain a "strong" GPA trend?


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Oct 1, 2017
  1. Pre-Medical
Hey everyone,
I hope you all are safe during these tough times. This may be a bit annoying as I'm sure you have heard the same questions again, but I am curious as to how a slight upwards gpa trend looks for dental school? So to further explain, I started my college credits in high school at a local CC. I transferred to a university which was realistically my freshman year and I struggled settling in which resulted in me getting a C in Orgo I and Physics I, but I was able to get an A and B in the following courses (I still kick myself for it because it really made me feel hopeless at one point). For my 1st year at a university, I had a mix of A's and B's, but my gpa has kind of fluctuated. I guess I'm mostly worried because when I hear of stories of people who have had a strong GPA trend, they usually have a lot of A's in their science class while I had a lot more B's in my science courses, anyone else in the same boat? Anyway, I've been more hopeful recently since its my senior year and I had a 3.76 this semester. I am graduating Fall of 2020 and the goal is to definitely work towards solid A's. I was wondering if this would be questionable as I didn't directly get straight A's during my junior and senior year. Listed below were my overall GPA's for each year. Is there still hope for me? I don't want to do a post-bacc or master's since I want to save up for dental school and I thought a 3.5 would be okay as long as everything else on my application was solid. (also planning to take a gap year for the DAT, work and dental experience)

Freshman: 3.3 (CC)
Sophomore: 3.59 (CC)
Junior: 3.49
Senior: (so far): 3.51 (still have another semester to go!!)


Full Member
Apr 20, 2019
  1. Dental Student
Usually a strong GPA trend would like this:

Freshman - 2.7 to 3.2 ish
Sophomore - 3.5 +
Junior 3.7+
Senior 3.7 - 3.8+

So you have an upward trend between freshman to sophomore year; but your GPA stagnated (or went down).

That said, Your overall is ~3.5 - so you are fine. I don't think you need to do a PostBacc or Masters. Just makes sure you have a stellar DAT score and personal statement/Secondary etc.
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