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Jul 15, 2006
My mom has had this bad cough for almost two years. She says she feels a 'sharp' thing in her throat and when she feels it, her throats gets a little itchy and she starts coughing very, very badly. When she doesn't feel it, she's okay but you can imagine, when in public, people tend to look at her a bit on the disgusted side ... and I can understand I guess but I feel sorry because she can't help it.

We've been to different doctors and they've prescribed different medications but I think a reason that none of it helped is because she never takes her medication properly. It's so hard to get her to even see a doctor!

But, from the symptoms I've listed, although I know not so much, would you guys have any idea what it could be?

I know I should be asking a professional but I just want some ideas so I can do my own little research. There are so many kind of conditions/diseases, I just need some ideas to pinpoint what this is.

If anything, she's in her late forties.

Anyone? :confused:

EDIT: By the way, the doctors couldn't give a specific name to this. They presrcibed medication for coughing...

I think it may be more than that...
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