Can you apply for residency anywhere?

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by Mr. MD or DO, Sep 23, 2001.

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    Hi, I was wondering what's the point of having many affiliated hospitals with a certain medical school, when you can apply for any residency spot? Let's say my DO medical school dosen't have derm resideny. Does that mean I'm forever resitricted from getting into dermatology? Do students in schools where they have those affiliated hopstals with certain programs of residency, have better chance of getting in? I have to select a school to attend, but i can't decide. What is the most important factor for selecting a med school? Residency opportunity, or prestige or quality or education? Thank you for your help, for i'm in a great need of it.
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    The school you attend does not restrict you in any way from applying to whatever program you wish for residency. You *may* find that the quality (or perceived quality) of your school will restrict your ability to obtain say an Derm residency, but more important will be YOUR USMLE scores, grades, letters, etc.

    DOs are "allowed" to apply for allopathic and osteopathic residencies; the same is not true for allopathic students who are restricted from applying to osteopathic programs.

    Students at programs which have residencies in their intended field *may* have a slightly better chance at getting those spots should they do well in school and have a good rapport with the relevant department. There are certainly schools which have in-bred residency programs. However, you do not necessarily need to choose a medical school based on the fact that it has a residency program in the field you *might* apply to. The best choice for a medical school is the school at which you feel best, can afford and which places its graduates into the residency programs they want to be in (ie, just because a school doesn't have any grads going into Derm doesn't mean its a bad school, ask how many students APPLIED to Derm and got spots).

    Hope this helps.

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