Can you be frank to your teachers?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by AbdulLatheef, Feb 3, 2002.

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    Because of the fear of reduction in the internal assessment marks ,most of the medical students are
    doing things which is not interesting for them,but interesting for the teacher.As a medical student can you frankly tell a teacher that you are not interested in doing anything which he or she asks you to do?
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    As a first of second year, I would say definately yes. We see different lecturers every day. Sometimes people get in heated discussions with them.

    Its the course director that you can't piss off! They're the ones that grade our tests

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    Can you elaborate a bit? what exactly do you mean by things that you aren't interested in doing? You mean in terms of lectures in courses? or are you talking about clerkships??
    I would say that in the past, I have had to dispute information given in courses by lecturers, however, there should be a positive way to approach your instructors and inform them about things you don't like or want to see differently. The last thing you want to do is to get on the negative side of your instructors. Although, they grade you based on anything except your peformance on exams, they can give you less than positive evaluations. And this should be a time in your career to establish good relations with your instructors for reccommendation letters down the road...

    PS: And in our school, we have student evaluations on absolutely everything that we take and do in medical school and they take those very seriously and try to adapt the courses and course material to what students want to learn and whats most useful for students.

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