Feb 23, 2014
I am currently a college graduate, working as a dental assistant and taking upper division biology courses to improve my GPA. This is my second time applying for dental schools in Texas and I am worried that I will not receive an interview this cycle. I really want to become a dentist, but I hate the fact of waiting another year to apply again and what if I do not get accepted my third time around?

I am applying for dental hygiene school at the same time and hypothetically, what happens if I do get accepted? Can I still apply for dental school next cycle during my first year of dental hygiene school? I was not sure if there have ever been cases where a student drops out of hygiene school once he/she got accepted to dental school. I would love to do that in the case that I don't get accepted my third try and haven't wasted a year not being in hygiene school.

What do you guys think? Does dropping out of hygiene school look that bad if you got accepted to dental school?