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Jan 18, 2008
It really depends on the circumstances. If it was a felony, I think your 'friend' is going to have some problems. If it was over the age of 18, it could also be a potential problem. If it was a misdemeanor for something like marijuana possession... I mean, I know in states like California or New York these things are very easily dismissed and are not considered convictions. You could have your friend contact the courts or a lawyer to find out if there is something on his permanent record. I do believe that anything that is sealed or dismissed by the courts is not a conviction.

Do they do a criminal background check? Maybe there could be a chance to explain?
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Jan 8, 2010
Tucson, AZ
I think PTCB reviews applicants with criminal records on a case by case basis. If it was a long time ago and a misdemeanor, I think your friend would be safe. Besides, I'd be more concerned about getting a license from the state than becoming certified by PTCB. The application for a license in AZ reads:

Has the applicant had any convictions involving a misdemeanor, felony offenses or any drug-related offenses? NOTE: Even though a conviction has been vacated, pardoned, expunged, dismissed or appealed or your civil rights restored, you are required to answer "YES."

I think that's the real hurdle.


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Jun 25, 2009
In Maryland, I had to get a criminal background check for my tech license. I'm not sure what would have happened if I had a criminal record though.


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Oct 18, 2009
Orlando, FL
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In Florida if you have drug related charges on your record or drug related felonies you can say goodbye to being a pharm tech and/or trying to get into pharm school
Feb 10, 2010
It kind of sucks that they care about possession charges. Unless you had large amounts of stolen pharmaceuticals. It really has nothing to do with job. People who use illicit substances and thieves are two very different things. I guess making broad generalizations is the easiest way to go about it for businesses though.

Oh well, not like it applies to me.
Apr 14, 2011
I was wondering your opinion on my case, I am about to take my PTCB and I am also going for my associates in science and then my bachelors in chemistry to try to get into a Pharmacology program. However, I do have a background and I am meeting with a lawyer in the next month to see my options for sealing it. I can not have it expunged since I plead guilty. But my question is when they do a background check and it is sealed, can they see certain information? Heres the deal, back in 2000, I went to dinner with a friend who claimed to have money but he wanted to dine and dash afterwards, I did not want to leave and even tried to tell the restaurant after he left that if I could be escorted home, I could pay for it but they said no, the police cant do that and they arrested me. I was given 6 months deferred adjudication and I was just a *******, I should of completed it and I would have no problems today. However, I failed my first drug test because back then I smoked a little bit of weed now and then. When I failed my test, they revoked my probation and I got arrested and the judge just reinstated my probation, after 4 months, I got angry that I was having to pay all these fees and stuff and did not pay and also smoked some more so got my probation revoked again. When I saw the judge he offered to reinstate my probation but I said the sentence I regret the most, I said no, I am tired of paying all these fees and stuff, just let me do my sentence and he gave me a 2 month jail sentence. Afterwards, my background check shows that I got arrested in 2000 for the initial charge and then the same charge again for my probation violation, but it does not say for failing drug test. My question is, can they tell that I got my probation revoked for failing a drug test? That is the only mark on my record and over 11 years ago and I just am scared that the reason for my probation violation will somehow come up?