[Canada] Switching career to Audiology in mid-thirties

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Mar 10, 2018
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Hello there,

I am a linguistics PhD, and am currently working on a non-tenure track faculty position. While the pay is decent, the job is inherently unstable, and I have no idea what will happen when my contract ends in 3-4 years. Because of the difficulty in obtaining tenure-track positions, I am thinking of giving up academia and possibly reinventing myself as something else, career-wise.

My goal is to be able to get into a field that enables me to obtain secure, permanent employment. Ideally, I can work the same job until I retire. So, yes, I am after stability at this point of my life.

I applied to two Canadian audiology programs (Dalhousie and UBC) this year, and already received informal acceptance from Dalhousie.

I would very much appreciate the input and perspectives from Canadian audiologists and/or students of audiology on the following questions:

1) While both are already very good, which school has an overall stronger audiology program? (I know this can be subjective, but feel free to give your opinions)
2) What is the chance of obtaining secure, permanent employment in Canada after completing an MSc in audiology (and required certification, etc)?

Regarding 2), I read several audiology threads on this forum that paint a rather gloomy picture of audiology in terms of career prospects, future of the field, and salary, such as this one: This is my story - Cautionary Tale

But since this forum is for AuD, I assume lots of such opinions are formed on the basis of the US experience. I am a Canadian resident and only plan to live in Canada. I wonder if the problems described for the profession in the US also apply in the Canadian context? Or is it a different picture?

I have a decent amount of savings, and will certainly not get into debt for completing a MSc in audiology program in Canada. I am not looking to being rich. A salary that supports a comfortable living for a single person is sufficient for me. But I am after stability.

Any input, ideas, or suggestions? Thanks!

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I am not Canadian nor do I have info for you, but I keep an eye on this forum just in case anyone resurrects topics of audiology. I wanted to say that I agree with you on the fact that most of the posts on here are gloomy, the ones about career perspective, student loan debt, income, etc. I also note the date on those threads.

I know a few clinicians that paid off their student loans from wonderful universities in about 3-5 years after graduation, and make close to or among 100,000. The profession is growing and it’s amazing.

If I were you, I’d jump on the acceptance, and have fun obtaining a new career. Best of luck.