Dental Canadian Applicant applying to American Schools - Am I too late to apply?

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  • Oct 14, 2011
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      First of all, am I too late into applying to schools in America considering applications have been open for 3 months?

      Second of all, I got my American DAT score back on July 29th, and i got a 19AA, 18TS. I am currently enrolled to write my Canadian DAT on November 2nd, so I am wondering if once I receive my Canadian Scores, will they be used over my American scores from July?

      Thirdly, what is the GPA conversion when applying as a Canadian into America? Our Grade averages are different as well as our GPA scale, and I can not find any concrete stuff to show our conversion.

      A worried Canadian Applicant.
      There are only a handful of schools in the US that strongly consider Canadian applicants, so I think while it might be a tad late, it's not a waste of time.

      However your US DAT scores are borderline, and many US schools don't really like waiting for the Canadian DAT's (many schools' policies are to not consider an applicant until the last DAT score is in, including the Canadian scores). Your November scores won't post until December/January, and by then, most of the dental school classes will already have extended offers. Also many schools know by now that accepting Canadian applicants before March may hold a spot that may wind up opening up later in time once Canadian schools make offers. As a result US schools have become more shy about extending offers to Canadian students since so many drop their offers (or in some cases matriculated seats!) because a spot opened up at a Canadian school and it is much cheaper to go back to Canada.

      ADEA AADSAS has a grade conversation calculation document which you should be able to access and independently calculate for yourself.
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