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Aug 15, 2016
Hi Everyone,

I've been a long time observer of these forums, but never managed to post anything. I was hoping I could get some suggestions about which dental schools to apply to in the United States. I already applied last cycle, but my application was late so it severely hurt my chances. I'll give my stats to help with the recommendation. Also, please note that I took only the Canadian DAT so that might eliminate some options.

GPA: 3.80
AA: 22
TS: 22
RC: 21
PAT: 20

I already submitted my application to AADSAS, but I wanted to add more schools to the list. So far I have applied to: VCU, UDM, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Marquette, and Temple. I also plan to apply to Canadian schools in the future when their apps open up. Any help would be appreciated.