Sep 18, 2015
Hey guys, I’d like to hear what you guys think and whether I have chances in US MD schools. I am currently going into 2nd year of MASc and will be applying in 2016.

UG Major - Biology – AMCAS cGPA = 3.88, sGPA = 3.87
1st year – 3.79 (5 full credit)
2nd year – 3.9 (5 full credit)
3rd year – 3.86 (5 full credit)
4th year – 3.6875 (4 full credit, 1 full year course cancelled) – My final year was low due to series of illnesses and financial issues
M.A.Sc. GPA – 4.00 (comprised of two evaluated courses) - Research-based masters

MCAT – Didn’t exactly study much last few times, since I wasn’t too serious about med back then. 1st score – 24, 2nd score - 26, 3rd score - 27 (PS 11/ BS 10/ VR 6). This time, I am properly studying for MCAT to write it this January.

Academics - I have several scholarships both in undergrad and grad at university and national levels e.g. several research awards, Canadian Institutes of Health Research award, university fellowships, community-based leadership awards, etc all totaling to $57,000ish?

Research – This is my 6th year of research experience, and went through summer internships & thesis in 6 labs, 1 third author paper, 2 first author papers to be published next year, 16 regional/national/international conference presentations (with some awards)

EC – I think its pretty average comparing to people in this forum. 1) Held president positions at national NPOs, 2) served as chair or executive of many conferences (regional and national level), 3) founded and lead MANY school clubs, 4) tutored/mentored students, 4) helped out with biotech firm, ……MORE

Clinical/Volunteer – 1) Spent 2nd year summer of UG as clinical assistant at international clinic, 2) Canadian Cancer Society outreach team, 3) 2 years of volunteering at geriatric unit, 4) volunteered at renal dialysis unit

Question: With my current standing, what are some schools that are realistic for me to apply? (assuming that I do way better for January MCAT)

Thanks everyone!
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May 5, 2015
With 3 sub 27 scores on your record your chances are almost non-existent for US MD schools. Even if in the very unlikely chance you magically shoot your score up a good 7-8 points this time around(which is extremely unlikely particularly given your weakness is in the verbal not the sciences) I'd still be lukewarm at best of your chances given your 4 MCAT attempts which is clearly a red flag at US MD schools. Even the ones who claim they only take the most recent/highest score(and actually do and don't just give misleading lip service) they will see the 4 attempts and even for those many will not look favorably on that.

Your best bet if you can do better this time around(and I don't mean just a 1-2 point improvement) is to a) Apply to US DO schools. The 4 MCAT attempts will still be an issue but out of the 15 DO's that take internationals it's possible one is willing to overlook the 4 MCAT attempts in favor of everything else(and your GPA is very strong for DO schools). b) Do much better this time and take a stab at Canadian schools where from the limited reading I've done about admission there they don't seem to really make much of an issue of repeated attempts.


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Jun 29, 2015
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Agreed with above. Your MCATs have sunk your chances, no real point in taking it a 4th time