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Oct 23, 2002
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I'm a canadian, who will prob do school in canada, however I was wondering if anyones knows if its possible for a canadian grad to get any kind of residency match in the states. I guess there are quite a few routes you can go through for plastics, and all them seem very competative, so how would the situation look for a canadian? It seems for other IMG's it would be a long shot, but i've heard canada is kind of considered in the middle (b/w IMG and American MGs)

And what about programs in competative places like NYC. if you work your butt off for good marks, do some surgery research, do rotations there to get to know the staff, is there a chance, or are these programs "reserved" for US grads, b/c they are so competative?

Would it be in best my interest to take out the major loans and apply to US schools (which even then I'm sure these programs would still be uberhard to get into!)

Anyone have any thoughts??


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May 1, 2001
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I met Canadian applicants @ Duke & Vanderbilt last year. They were both very qualified & had gotten plenty of interviews it seemed @ a variety of programs. For the most competative programs (and even the lesser ones nowadays) you really need an impressive CV. People from a broad cross-section of programs (the most prominent university prograsm to small community programs I've never heard of) seemed to be able to get interviews if they had the goods - good references, good ABSITE scores, research,etc...
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