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Mar 18, 2021
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  1. Medical Student
Looking to get a better idea of the difficulty of matching to a US Heme-Onc fellowship following a Canadian IM residency (top program)?
I'm interested in doing both Heme and Onc, and there are no combined programs in Canada so I'm considering the option of doing a 3y Heme-Onc fellowship in the US after a Canadian IM residency (still a med student currently but residency apps are coming up soon for me).

My impression is that US programs generally places a stronger emphasis on research/academics compared to Canadian programs, and I have a fairly strong track record of publications and presentations @ national/intl conferences, so I'm hoping that might get me some second looks (esp. at the big academic centers, which is where I would like to go ideally).

Appreciate any advice. Thanks.
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No Meat, No Treat
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Mar 6, 2005
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Why not do residency in the US too? That will give you a much better chance of matching Hem/Onc in the US.

But yes, you'll probably be able to land yourself a fellowship in the US after a Canadian IM residency.
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