Mar 16, 2020
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Hello all,

I’m a Canadian medical student and hoping to practice in the unites states one day. I have family there, and additionally there have been multiple studies as of late discussing the incredibly poor job market in Canada for neurosurgeons. I also understand that if I do my neurosurgery residency here in Canada (if I get in) I will NOT be able to become board certified in the unites states unfortunately. So I have a couple of questions hopefully some people will have insights on this.

1) what can I do to give myself the best possible chance to get a neurosurgery residency in the US? I haven’t seen a lot of data on anyone doing it but how do US residencies view Canadians?

2) I know that neurosurgeons can practice in the states without being board certified but what is the cost of that? What are the main limitations/drawbacks on not being board certified and practicing in the states?

thanks guys
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