Canadian Medical Schools For American Applicants

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this network, but I was reading all the previous topics on this page for International medical schools. I noticed some really misinformed stuff about Canadian Medical Schools and so I would like to point them out to all the prospective American Applicants. First of all, you can't apply for Canadian Medical Schools through AMCAS, the ones in Ontario are done through OMSAS, and I'm not sure about the rest, I think each province should have their own sort of "OMSAS". Second of all, in Ontario, only the University of Toronto and McMaster University take in International applicants but these are very competitive spots, to my knowledge only about 2-3 spots at McMaster and up to about 5 at U.T. Most of the Canadian ones are extremely competitive, I think if you're American you'll have a way way more easier chance of getting in to the ones in the states, that's unless you're looking for a lower cost education, then that's one of the advantages I see of going to school here. And the biggest advantage of going to med school in Canada is that basically it's considered the best, not to diss up on the American education system of anything, but graduating from Canada, you can do whatever you want, (easily obtain residency in the states), but if you did it the other way around getting a residency in Canada will present a new set of problems. Basically, I'm saying that applying for a Canadian Medical University is extremely tough, all the ones in Ontario, are ranked as the toughest ones to get in, in North America, followed by California and so on..I'm not trying to discourage your application, just that I think people should be realistic. For example, even though you can't apply to Western as an American, their requirements are as follows, at least 3.6 overall G.P.A or you can't apply, MCAT, at least an 8 on biology and physical science, but the 2 scores added up together must be at least 18, and that's the same for the other 2 sections. And remember these are just the minimum requirements, average scores on these sections are about 11.7 as they listed on their site one year. See what I mean? with those sort of marks, you could get into any med school in the states. Take another example, Ottawa (you can't apply either), cut off G.P.A is around 3.8-3.9 each year. If you're really keen on going to med school in Canada, you're best bet is with the less well known schools in other provinces, and in the end it's all the same, as long as it's from Canada. But really, as long as you don't really want to practice in Canada, then it's Ok to go to the U.S school, and even if you want to practice in Canada after going to a U.S med school, still very very possible, just you might have to take a couple of exams, and get some internship in Canada. So for you American applicants, I say go for it, I mean it's less cheaper to apply to med school here anyways, just don't get the mentality that they're going to be more lenient here because they claim to not put as much emphasis on the MCAT, EVERYTHING counts, and they're not very forgiving on many things. If you get a 7 on any of the MCAT sections, consider your application finished for the year unless your G.P.A and other credentials are just stellar or you designed the health care system, otherwise don't count on it.
    My advice, would be to apply to more American schools, many Canadians go to the states and international medical schools, because the admission standards here are even more narrow than the ones in the states. So study hard, if you want to know more information about Canadian Medical Schools, feel free to contact me at

    I'm a 4th year undergrad at the University of Toronto doing a Science Degree.

    Study hard! Don't get frustrated.
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    Is it still true that only Macmaster and U of Toronto take americans? I have heard that since Ontario schools deregulated its tuition, some schools have taken in international students that they did not take in previously.

    Best bet for a Canadian med school spot as an American: McGill and Memorial in Newfoundland.

    I am not too sure about the stringent admissions standard you mentioned. I am aware that the things you said apply to Canadian applicants. But the purpose of accepting international students for these Canadian schools is to bring in more tuition money for the school. In that case, I am not too sure if they care as much about your academic credentials as they care about Canadian applicants'. Granted, you probably need to be decent (3.5+ and 30+) but I doubt that you need 3.8 and 35. Case in point. It is accepted that it is a lot easier to get into McGill as an American (20-25 spots a year) than as an out-of-province Canadian (5 spots a year). There are many times more out-of-province Canadians applying to McGill than Americans but yet more spots are reserved for Americans. How about for U of Toronto? How many Americans actually apply to those spots?

    Lastly, Ontario's tuition is sky-rocketing at an insane rate every year. I am not sure if it will end up cheaper to go to an Ontario school versus staying in-state. Of course, the tuition might not ever reach 30k US dollars anyway, but as it is, I think going to Memorial in Newfoundland is 20k US dollars a year (definitely more expensive than going to a SUNY, UC or UNC).

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