Canadian (Quebec) applying broadly

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Mar 30, 2012
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To get straight to the point, I am from Quebec and didn't really know what I wanted to do in CEGEP so my academic profile is all over the place. I only realized my fascination with Medical school later in life. I am currently 25 years old.

I had issues with taking classes full time based on problems in my life (i assure you I spoke about them ad nauseum in my personal narratives).

My University career is as follows. (note: All GPAs are on 4.3)

Year 1: Major Physics, 3.0 GPA, not full time.
Year 2: Major Mech. Eng, 3.56 GPA, not full time.
Year 3: Major Mech Eng, 4.13 GPA, 4 classes/semmester.
Year 4: Major Exercise Science, 4.3 GPA, Full time minus 1 class!
Year 5: Major Exercise Science, 4.25 GPA, Full time.
Overall GPA for the (according to AMCAS): ~3.56

MCAT: 11/10/10 N (will be re-writing to improve this)

The only pre-reqs I did in university was Org 1 (A+), Org 2 (A+), Bio 1 (A+), Bio 2 (A+)
All other pre-reqs were done in CEGEP and are considered low - average grades. My CEGEP years were somehow evaluated with a GPA of 3.0 however I am getting them re-assessed. .

I was accepted to an Irish medical school but decided last minute to drop out due to some family issues. (note: I'm an italian citizen and am therefore guaranteed residency in Europe, so this is a generally viable option).

Clinical Volunteer Experience:
Almost nil. I did 18 hours of volunteer work at a rehab center for senior.
I plan on shadowing a doctor starting next week (Family medicine)
I will also be volunteering at a hospital (on the trauma ward).

Research Experience:
5 hours a week for the last 2.5 years in a neurophysiology lab
Undergraduate Summer internship award for research

Non Clinical Stuff:
I work 25 hours a week since I finished high school.
Stand up comedy writer (2 hours a week)
National improv competitor
A handful of awards and academic accolades.

I know my clinical experience is awful, however I'm working on it as much as my job will let me. I was wondering what my chances were to get into a DO school. I don't really believe in tiers when it comes to medical schools, I feel that every school has something to offer so I will be applying broadly.