Canadian Re-applicant (3.75/multiple MCATs) any chance?

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Jul 20, 2015
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cGPA: 3.75
sGPA: 3.80

MCAT: I've written this a few times..
2014 - 26
2015 - 35
2016 - 500
2016 - 504
2017 - 508
Comments on MCAT: I was able to land a 35 when I was in 3rd year but was forced to re-write as some Canadian schools required applicants to have the new MCAT. I was never able to get the same level of score with the new mcat. I understand that this is the weakest part of my application as not only have I written 5 times but I was never able to get back to the level of my old 35.

Clinical volunteering
- hospital patient visiting: 5 years (ongoing) ~ 700 hours
- patient visiting in a different hospital: 1 year ~ 100 hours

Non-clinical volunteering
- Academic mentoring: 2 year ~ 220 hours
- 2 other minor leadership things ~ 30 hours each

- by my university to teach 1st year phys as a tutor (and supervise 7 other tutors) - 2.5 years ~ 185 hours

-> original clinical research project #1:
- 1st author published PLoS One (IF 3)
- presented findings in 2 local conferences & an international conference (abstract published as 1st author)
-> original clinical research project #2
- 1st author published (IF 8)
- presented findings in 2 local conference & won 1st place in the category at an international conference (abstract published as 1st author)

Standalone shadowing:
- specialty with one of my supervisors ~30 hours
- Med internship abroad (urban hospital): shadowed doctors and saw some surgeries: 1 month
- Volunteering abroad (rural health center): went to people's homes and distributed chlorine water purification tablets, took bp, taught basic sanitation and health advice along with doctors to villagers etc.: 2 weeks

- 2 studentships for research (associated with $)
- annual dean's honors list each year of undergrad
- dean of science scholarship (associated with $)
- chancellor's scholar award
- hospital volunteer scholarship (associated with $)

I understand my mcat scores hold me back significantly. Do you think it's worth submitting a pricey AMCAS as my alternative would be to only apply to canadian schools where I would only be eligible to apply to 3 schools and only 1 competitively.

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