Canadian student considering US schools before deciding on the caribbean and needs he

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I am seriously considering applying to an American medical school but heard it is very difficult for Canadian students to get accepted. Does anyone know which American medical schools are the easiest to get into for Canadians? Does anyone know what a Canadian would need as a GPA and on his mcats to have a very good shot at an American school? If there are any Canadians who are currently attending or have attented an American medical school out there - I would really appreciate some input. What schools did you apply to? Why did you pick these schools? Are they know for accepting Canadians? I have a 85% at Queen's University after two years and will be taking the MCAT after third year. Does anyone know what my chances would be. I would rather save time and energy going down to the Caribbean right away if my chances at an American school are limited (Please note: don't want to apply to Canadian medical schools for various reasons). My final goal is to practice as an ER physician in the states.

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