Oct 5, 2014
Hi there!
First time posting!

I'm a Canadian wanting to go to an american (or even UK/AUS) medical school; I was talking with one of my friends who has just completed his fourth year in a good Canadian medical school (UBC), and he was saying to me that as a Canadian applying to domestic medical schools is extremely competitive and most of the qualified students do not get in. He was telling me that international medical schools usually have spots reserved for international students and that a lot of people do not even consider medical school abroad because of its high costs (I was looking at some that were in the $300,000 range). I, fortunately, am able to cope with these high costs and i'm considering these options; I was wondering if there are any programs people would like to share! i'm looking for;

-An international program (mainly trying for the USA, because i'm aware of the difficulties of the UK/AUS ability to gain residency within Canada)
-A program that is Pre-medical, I have not completed my undergrad so I would like to do a program that is BSc/MD, BA/MD (or even DO)

And just this one question (I could not find the answer anywhere):
If I do medical school in UK or AUS, as a Canadian citizen will it be hard to gain residency within one of the countries i completed medical school in?