Canadian trying to maximize chances of getting HB-1 visa in states (Carib or Aussie)?

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Mar 6, 2004
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I was wondering if anyone knew if it is easier or harder for a Canadian to get sponsored for an H-B1 visa in the States and recieve a residency when graduating from a caribbean medical school (St.G's), an Australian medical school or Irish medical school? Maybe there is no difference I just want to be sure so I can take it into consideration when choosing what international medical school to go to. Are all Canadian IMG's in the same boat when in comes to applying for US residencies and getting HB-1 visa's or do American residency programs sponser Canadians for HB-1 visa's more often depending on where they got their international medical education? My goal is to practice medicine in the States so I want to take the route that maximizes my chances. I know that going to a Caribbean med school prepares you better for the UCLME's so I am leaning towards St.Georges. But, if, for example, US residency programs like sponsoring Canadians with HB-1 visas more who come from Australia or Ireland, then I would consider these schools harder. I heard that when Canadians apply for US residencies from the Canada it is easier to obtain HB-1's and residencies (I could be wrong) so I was wondering if the US is possibly biased towards sponsoring Canadians depending on what country their MD is from.

I know that St.George graduates have a very good record of achieving residencies in the states (99% of those who pass their UCLME's) but I was wondering what the record is for Canadians for St.George's. I would reconsider my desire to go to St.G's if only 50% of Canadians obtain residencies because they can't get sponsored for HB-1's or because US residency programs are biased towards Americans.

If someone could let me know anything about this I would really appreciate it.


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Feb 17, 2003
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From what I can tell the Carribbean schools actually try to help out their students in the process of going to the US since that is their main selling feature to potential students. However there is some debate about the Carribean schools since they have such varying reputations and some are not recognized in multiple states. I'm not sure of the Irish schools.

From everything I have seen and heard none of the Australian schools really put any effort into making sure their international grads get places anywhere after they graduate. I had difficulty even finding stats because most of the schools don't keep track of where their international students go. Flinders seemed to keep tabs on how their students do on the USMLEs but the others do not as far as I can tell. Perhaps those who have recently graduated could comment otherwise since I can only repeat what I heard when I contacted the schools.
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