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Cancer Diagnosis and HPSP


Full Member
7+ Year Member
Dec 23, 2012
La Jolla
  1. Medical Student (Accepted)
I am applying for Navy HPSP. Completed all the paperwork. Almost cleared MEPs, but got screened for an over-enlarged thyroid. Suspected of goiter. Military physicians recommended doing a full thyroid work-up with my primary care doc. Well, it came out positive for papillary thyroid cancer and have since gotten a thyroidectomy and radiation therapy. I am Stage 1 with 10 year survival >95%. 20-year survival is also great. My question is, how does the military look at applicants who are diagnosed with cancers with great prognosis? Do I have a shot of obtaining a waiver?


To shred or not shred?
10+ Year Member
Sep 16, 2008
  1. Attending Physician
Do I have a shot of obtaining a waiver?

Yes, you certainly do. Apply for it if you want it. Pap thyroid CA is common enough, and very curable. No reason not to waive it.

Now if there's a flood of HPSP applicants in your year, you may have more difficulty getting the waiver, but it's still worth a shot.
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