cardiothoracic surgery in new zealand ?

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Jul 13, 2012
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hey guys

im a Cardiothoracic resident here in my country ( egypt )

i ve finished the usmle steps before i had to do some kind of military service as a cardiothoracic surgeon also, im considering New zealand as a place for CTS residency and i need to get some info about :
- Is it a good place to pursue residency in ?
- Is it easy to get into CTS after doing the nzrex and the internship year ?
- What is the level of education there is it comparable to US residencies ?
- How much do i expect financially ?


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May 29, 2011
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Ill do the best i can to help.

- New Zealand and Australia share the CT training program so if you get in you can be posted anywhere in either of the country during the 6 year training.

- Training in CT surgery is i believe 6 years long with 1 year general surgery followed by 5 years cardiothoracic training. there are ~ 30 applicants per year for ~6 spots so it can be quite competitive to get in, its a very small field so knowing people is a big + (surgeons.org for more info on how to get into training program and requirements)

- Level of education is comparable, there is crazy high volume/registrar once you are in and will be worked very hard so don't think you won't be learning. There are also exams and supervisor reports you need to pass in order to progress through training.

- The job situation as you would imagine is quite poor. As you would expect the population of NZ is a lot smaller than other places and as such the need for CT surgeons is much less. Added to that the fact that there has been an oversupply and the lack of sub-specialty training undergone by CT surgeons over here that all surgeons will cover CABG/valves/thoracic and therefore it will be difficult in obtaining a job post-training.