Career change in the midst of COVID?


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May 27, 2020
Hi everyone, I graduated college last year with a non-science degree and have been working in a field related to my degree for about a year and have realized I hated it. I have a long-standing passion for health and medicine that I always thought about pursuing and after consulting a few physicians, researching, and hearing other people's stories, I decided at the beginning of March to make the switch and work towards getting into medical school.

Because I did not take any pre-reqs in college, I know I will have to apply for a post-bacc that begins in 2021. I am hoping to apply this fall, and since many programs have rolling admissions, I want to submit my application as soon as possible. But because of COVID, many of the things I was planning to do, such as taking a summer course, getting a job as a scribe for learning experience, and beginning to volunteer again (I stopped in volunteering at a hospital in 2019 to move for my current job) are on hold. I am worried that I won't be able to demonstrate my passion for medicine since I have not been able to pursue anything. I also worry that because my course got moved online, I won't be able to foster the same relationship with my summer science professor to get a letter of recommendation for my post-bacc like I was planning to.

I wanted to post because I haven't seen many posts from career-changers who are just beginning the post-bacc process, and could use any insight that anyone might have on how to make the best of this situation? Happy to answer any questions if you need more information. Thanks!
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