Feb 16, 2010
Got a quick question. How do academic physicians get compensated. Normally one would think that they get a substantial slash compared to private practice, but exactly how does it work.

Take a look at the UC system. Most doctors have a very low salary but their total gross pay is substantially higher. Does the rest of the pay come from revenue from seeing patients? Is this the same everywhere, even at private institutions? Does the school cover your malpractice insurance or provide incentives?


If the rest of the revenue comes from seeing patients wouldn't those 60-40 clinical researchers make a ton less then the clinicians associated with the med school?


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Apr 14, 2009
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Academic medicine doesn't pay nearly as well as private practice. A lot of the "medcomps" you see on websites like that are physicians who, like you said, are earning large bonuses because of significant research/additional high administrative positions (for example, the guy making the most at the top of the list founded the dermapathology program at UCSF and from the sound of it might have been one of the first pioneers in the field). That being said, it is a safe bet since you don't need to run everything yourself and you're guaranteed a salary, if you don't mind being on call all the time for your residents/teaching/research.