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Carribbean med school in Florida?!?!?


My first time writing and I already have a question
I keep hearing from different ppl that there is a Carribean med school that has a campus down in Florida...is this true? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance


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Jun 4, 1999
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    I heard the same thing, but after researching the rumor I turned up nothing. There is a foreign medical school in Puerto Rico in addition to the three AAMC-MD schools, I believe, so that's as close to US soil as possible.

    Tim of New York City.
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    Aug 24, 1999
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      You have not heard wrong. St. Matthews was holding classes in Fla. this last semester because the campus (and island) were damaged during a hurricane. Classes are supposed to resume in Belize in January. St. Matthews also has 4th and 5th semester classes in Maine for students working on a masters in health service administration with St. Joseph's college of Maine.


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      Dec 7, 2000
        Maybe you're thinking of Ross University's new fifth semester?(quote from their site)

        During the basic science segment, an introduction to clinical medicine (ICM I) course is included as the fourth semester. However, afterextensive evaluation, it has been determined that the more advanced ICM II course of the fifth semester requires a more extensive patient base than is available in Dominica. Therefore, a plan was developed to reincorporate the 15-weeks of the current fifth semester into the clinical component of the curriculum to be conducted in a clinical facility in the U.S. where adequate resources and patients are available.
        The curriculum revision incorporates the current fifth semester into the clinical segment by adding one 15-week period, "Integrated Introduction to Clinical Medicine" (ICM II) to be conducted in a U.S. clinical facility. This segment will incorporate the objectives of the entire current fifth semester, while serving as the transition between the basic sciences and the clinical clerkships.
        A pilot program will be conducted starting in September 2000, at the clinical facilities of the greater Miami "Health Education Training Center (HETC). This clinical center provides adequate clinical resources including an extensive inpatient and outpatient base. The pilot program will
        consist of a small number of students (20-30) who were offered the opportunity to enter into this program, which will substitute for the current fifth semester.
        The pilot program is expected to provide experience with the logistics of conducting that program before the entire class is assigned to the revised curriculum, which is planned for January 2001.
        Thanks a lot for your replies
        I *REALLY* appreciate it. But hey, in reply to Geoff2005, I recall reading about how Ross University opened a campus in Wyoming sometime this last September. See I knew about that, but honestly, I would rather go to Florida than to Wyoming. It would have been realy neat if those "Floridian" rumors were true! Any thoughts on the Wyoming campus?
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