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Jan 14, 2001
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Whats the lifestyle like of a physician practicing in a carribean setting?
Is the income reasonable? Cost of living?
Do many med school grads from the carribean schools come back and work on the islands after their residency training?

Stephen Ewen

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Feb 5, 2000
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There is no monolithic Carribean level of development and culture, so this question is very hard to answer. Within the region there are huge disparities. You go everywhere from rural Dominica or rural Jamaica, depressed by any criteria, to urban Trinidad, the Economic Tiger of the region.

In generalizing, there is no lack of physicians in the vacation hot spots of the carrib. How could there be?!

But there are great opportunities to medically serve in the less developed areas.

Lifestyle? Well, I guess it all depends on what you value.

I recently watched the movie A Civil Action starring John Travolta. The ending is pretty powerful and goes to this issue.


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