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Apr 11, 2002
    I was just wondering where my new classmates are and if they had any info on good places to live.

    Also is there any information on textbooks/classes that has been sent out.

    I will mot likely need to start looking soon.

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Cleveland (ON, Can)
    1. Dentist
      Hey, I will be joining you there. You can check their housing website:

      I heard Little Italy area has reasonable price and close to school. No, I haven't heard anything about course texts. They said they will be sending out the registration package in May-June which will contain a detail account of purchases of dental equipments (including loupes).

      See ya in July!


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      Sep 10, 2002
        Check out "The Triangle" if you are willing to fork out some extra $$$ for the convenience of walking to school. These are pretty expensive apartments but you get a garage spot and gated access to the property. You save on parking and it can be helpful if you want the extra sleep it can afford you. The other place that people live is "Waldorf Towers." I don't know how nice it is, but I know that it is considered the "grad school dorm" quite a few grad students live there along with a few undergrads. It may be considered the "grad student dorm" but it is more like a mid-rise apartment building. The place is close enough to walk but it will take about 10-15 minutes walk in the cold Cleveland winter and the path you have to walk on isn't very nice since the building is on a hill.

        Congrats on your choice - you picked a nice school with a mix of a close knit student community and great clinical focus with excellent technical facillities.
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