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Case Western Secondary


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Aug 21, 2002
    The CWRU secondary wants an essay on some area outside medicine that has held our interest. Limit is 2 pages.

    I'm thinking more like 1 page. To those who have done this secondary, how long has your essay been?



    Thought Puddle
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    May 27, 2002
      Originally posted by pAkhtmAn
      Last year, I wrote an essay that was a bit longer than one page. It was about astronomy as my hobby. Apparently they liked it, considering that I start there in a few days.

      Do you read the CWRU 2007 thread? We just had a meetup at the Winking Lizard on Coventry for us incoming SDNers. Anyway, I'll probably meet you at the pre-orientation.

      As an answer to the question: I wrote my essay on how to make the perfect cheesecake and they accepted me. Write it about something your passionate about and can go into detail that most people wouldn't be familiar with.

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      pAkht mEmbEr
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      Jul 30, 2002
      Tampa, FL
        I've been absent from SDN for months now. I decided to tune back in to see whats going on. I just posted on the Class of 2007 CWRU thread. I'll be in Cleveland either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Hope to see you at Orientation!


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        Sep 20, 2002
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          I'm applying this year. I think mine was about a page and a half. I talked about a passion for fitness and nutrition, but I'm not sure if I got a little too personal by explaining how it developed out of an eating disorder. Regardless, it's a passion so I hope it'll work. Best of luck.
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