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Sep 7, 2020
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    This scenario is from, the free peer-to-peer CASPer preparation platform that allows you to practice hundreds of scenarios for free. PrepMatch is a non-profit partnered up with the SDN that aims to make the admission process more equitable:

    Jennifer is a university student who is a fan of romantic novels from the 19th century, such as "Pride and Prejudice." She decides to start a club dedicated to those novels called the "Old Romantic Books Club." Heather identifies as a member of the LGTBQ+ community and told Jennifer that these books glorify heterosexual relationships and make her feel bad about herself. She asked Jennifer not to form this club.

    1. Should Jennifer still form the club if Heather is one of her best friends?
    2. If Jennifer decides to go ahead with the club, what are ways to make it more inclusive to LGBTQ+ students like Heather?
    3. Heather decided to open her own club called the "LGBTQ+ Pride Society", which only allows LGBTQ+ members. Jennifer tells Heather that this is discriminatory against her. Is Jennifer justified in saying that?

    Discuss below!


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  • May 11, 2021
      My answers:

      1. Jennifer is in a really tough spot. one one hand, she is trying to pursue her passion for literature and books but also she is trying to not offend her friend who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I believe Jennifer should discuss this matter with Heather personally so that Jennifer can explain her interest in writing and that she is inexplicibaly offending Heather and that Jennifer understands Heather's concerns with the club, but Jennifer should work with Heather to possibly include other novels in the club that touch on Heather's interests as well

      2. She could also promote romantic novels that have strong gay or lesiban leads/romatic interests, given that everyone in the club is okay with discussing and reading these novels. She could also get Heather to pick which books in rotation they should discuss in the book club so that Heather is more comfortable.

      3. I do not believe that Jennifer is justified as they are not discriminating against Jennifer from accessing a certain thing. Jennifer does not necesarily need to join this club as she is not a member of the LGBTQ

      This was a really tough one. i do not really know what to say haha . Let me know your thoughts.


    • Apr 27, 2021
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        1. Jennifer can do whatever she wants tbh. If she likes old romantic books, why shouldn't she form a club around it? Just because those books contain mostly heterosexual relationships (which makes sense because that was dominant during that time period), doesn't mean that they're necessarily trying to exclude LGBTQ+ people.

        2. I also agree with the answer above, and that Jennifer should try to also find books that contain LGBTQ+ characters set in Victorian romantic times. while also critiquing the heteronormativity of those classic romantic novels to be more inclusive for people like Heather.

        3. I wouldn't say Jennifer is being discriminated against simply because historically speaking, heterosexual people have had privilege and power for most of their time in society. Like the answer above, it is not a basic right for Jennifer to join that club as she does not identify with any of those groups. However, she can still be an ally.


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        May 6, 2021
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          Risking a friendship over professional tasks is entirely up to Jennifer’s foundations and morals. I feel that interpersonal relationships are key to schooling, so losing a best friend would be hard on me. However, joining a club of potential like minds is a chance to build new relationships. I think Jennifer has recourse by discussing that, not only are books like Pride and Prejudice a reflection of the past, and potentially “fair for their time,” but it is entirely likely that HEather’s qualms can be healthily discussed and each romantic novel critiqued from a more inclusive standpoint.

          Again, there needs to be a discussion about what happened, and where things are going when inclusivity is concerned. It would be paramount for Jennifer to not build her club off the same foundations of hierarchy that precipitated literature deemed exclusive or elitist, even biased. This way, Jennifer might include Heather, more members of LGBTQ+ communities, and many other people who would have otherwise been left out of the club. Spurring discussion about issues, and finding commonalities around books like Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, will offer discussion to the group. This should work in favor of all members.

          If discrimination is ever addressed, it needs to be done so in the most up-to-date manner as possible. There is extensive research on how to form groups around inclusivity, as well as laws that outline what discrimination is. Taking a step back and focusing on the interpersonal relationship, I think that both Jennifer and Heather are justified in feeling left out when their friend is not apparently including them. However, discussing this issue together might mend their differences.

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