CCF Anesthesiology any input?

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by gasman2002, Mar 6, 2002.

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    Hi any in put for Cleveland Clinic Foundation Anesthesiology? Thanks
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  3. i just recently met an anesthesiologist who trained at Cleveland Clinic. He was a DO who went to school in Ohio. He absolutely love the program. He told me to consider completing a month or two of ICU there. I don't necessarily have specifics, but he did say that no matter where you do your internship, you will die. But the training in Cleveland Clinic is great. It's just what I was told.
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    I have also been told by a friend from the class of 2002 that CCF loves to have serious applicants come do an elective in their Surgical ICU -- it is run by the anesthesiologists. My friend did an elective in their SICU and loved it.

    I will definitely be applying there. Although, unofrtunately, I doubt I will be able to do an elective there...however, all of their resident class can't come from folks that did electives...or can it?

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