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CCOM's reputation??


Senior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Nov 3, 2003
Hey everyone

My dream was to go out of state for medical school...but it looks like I will be attending CCOM.

Now...everyone I talk with talks about CCOM's awesome reputation.....and they would recommend going to CCOM rather than other schools....

Now...what's bugging me is WHY is CCOM's reputation supposedly so great? What are the main reasons why one should attend CCOM over other osteopathic schools? I just don't understand the reasoning......is it comlex pass rates? maybe have higher standards to get accepted? Please tell me!!

Also, I don't want to do anything with primary care. I really want to do some sort of surgical specialty. How would attending CCOM help or hurt me in that aspect. Thank you very much for your input. Take care!


Junior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Dec 16, 2002
A letter from our Dean..........
I had the opportunity to address the Advocacy Seminar funded by Pfizer for the Illinois Osteopathic Medical Society on Saturday. Afterwards, one of our preceptors came up to me and volunteered how wonderful the CCOM students are at Rockford in his department. Our students are assigned there along side the U of I students and he said there is no comparison between the knowledge base of the two sets of students. But he said the real difference is the work ethic of the CCOM students. "The U of I students look for ways to get out of work and are very cocky and the CCOM students are breath of fresh air, always working hard, and really taking good care of patients." Congratulations to our great students -- you make us proud wherever you go! Regards, KJN
Although this is one account, many people who I have talked to have had the same experience, CCOM has a great tradition. Board scores are always high, and you are in a great area to learn and practice medicine. If you are interested in surgery, it is fact that other Chicago area Medical school's anatomy curriculum is not near as in depth and (time-consuming). I am not trying to start a ..."which school is better thread, I am merely stating how impressive CCOM's reputation and curriculum is"
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