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Jan 30, 2009
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Hey guys,

Few questions related to CCS. Just trying to see how "bad" Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

1) How detrimental is it if i forget to cancel certain orders when they aren't needed. This can be at the 2 minute screen or related to their home medication?

2) Ordered incorrect route of medication. IM vs Oral vs IV. How bad is this?

3) If i am sending the patient to the ER/inpatient etc. Do i need to re do physical exam upon arriving at the new location? Or when they arrive for their followup appointment (full PE or just focused + Interval history)?

4) If i have sent the patient home and want to order something else do i need to bring them back to the office or can i just order it without it. Also, in UW if you order something when the patient is at home, it says "not available and added to the queue". This changes if you bring the patient back to the office.

5) What if 2 minute screen pops up and you weren't able to schedule a follow up?

6) In some UW cases, they said to schedule a follow up in few weeks. For example. Person with weight loss etc indicating renal cell carcinoma. UW ordered basic tests and sent them home. Followup in 2 weeks and then ordered Abdominal CT. After ordering sent them home. F/U in 1 week and diagnosis of cancer and then sent them to the floor. What if i skip all that and just avoid the last f/u (after abdominal ct results admitted to the floor instead of sending home etc)?

Thats all for now. Thank you!