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Jun 10, 2003
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I'm set on going to a school in Philly and have a question for anyone with cell phones in that city. I've been in smaller towns all my life, so basically we have had one good cell phone company in town with the rest being kind of crappy service, so if this is a ridiculous question for you big-city types, I apologize in advance :)
Or, even better, if anyone knows of sites that compare cell phone companies by city and allow user feedback, that'd be perfect!

These are the companies I'm looking at:
AT&T Wireless

I think these are a few of the larger companies (except for maybe T-Mobile), but I know the only reliable company in my town of approx ~200K people is Sprint. Anyone in Philly know about these brands? I'm looking to buy in the next month or two.



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Jan 28, 2004
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i go to school in philly right now. i use Sprint PCS and it's not bad. however, their coverage goes up and down in random parts of the city.
AT&T has ok coverage, but probably the worst out of the brands you listed.
verizon is good in general, as is tmobile.

PM me if you have specific questions....
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Aug 2, 2000
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Actually, I've had a pretty good experience with AT&T. There's one "hole" right around Drexel (MCP campus) so if you're going there I wouldn't recommend it but it's been fine at Temple and Center City.


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Feb 3, 2004
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I would go for verizon . . .according to the sales guy I talked to when I bought me phone they cover the entire state of PA. god only knows if it is true. What school are you going to? (just curious)


I'm in philly right now (or about 10 minutes out on the mainline). I am in center city, univ. city, south st. etc... all the time. I use verizon and have no problems. My roommate has had problems with ATT


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Aug 20, 2003
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I'm currently in Philly. I've used Sprint PCS for about 3 years here, and had no problems with them. I'm using Cingular now, and they suck.
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