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Filet Mignon
Jan 26, 2011
Teaching + clinical + research = great EC's
36P = very competitive MCAT
GPA= lower then average but you did very well during your postbac so that looks grood and you have great EC and MCAT to balance.

Based on statistics, you have a good shot at MD programs. The GPA will hold you back from top programs but if you apply broadly you will definitely get some interviews.

Also, if you are interested in DO you would be very competitive and probably get interviews to top programs.

What state are you are you a resident?
Aug 5, 2011
I'm a Cali Resident. UCLA and NYU are dream schools ( I added 11 units of classes to get my GPA to 3.35 so I could squeeze into UCLA's 10th percentile and then damn amcas rounds me with down the unit conversion (3.30 for 5 unit quarter class instead of 3.33) so i had 3.34. But thanks for the reassurance, its just tough looking at so many schools and seeing I'm below their 10th percentile.
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