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Apr 27, 2007
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Hi all,

First of all, I'm a re-applicant with the stats as mentioned above. Graduated from a top-10 school, worked in an inner-city school as a teacher while completing a masters degree in education (grad GPA 3.97). Also received AmeriCorps Awards for 2 years due to teaching in a high-need area.

Undergrad: fairly ordinary
- hospital volunteer
- physician shadowing (2)
- study abroad in spain, soup kitchen while abroad
- medical volunteer in africa (short-term)
- TA in organic chem
- sunday school teacher for 4 years
- community center chair/leadership

I didn't do well on my first MCAT 26P (10PS, 7VS, 9BS), so retook the exam this year and got a 29Q (10PS, 10V, 9BS :rolleyes:). English isn't my first language, although this wouldn't justify a 7 on verbal on the first MCAT.
Last year, I took a course in Biochem at a state school and received a B.
It concerns me that my postbac GPA would be listed as 3.0 :(, since that's the only postbac course I've taken. (Would this be a major concern?) I've finished my primary and waiting to be verified. I've quit my teaching job this year so that I'll be able to travel for interviews. I'm also applying broadly as well, with the possibilities of including 2 DO schools.
What are my chances at allopathic schools? Any recommendation in regards to taking more courses this year as I apply for schools? Job recommendation? Thanks guys in advance!:)
What's your undergrad GPA? That's going to make a huge difference.

If your clinical volunteering stuff is all a few years old, I would look into a new volunteering gig for this year.

I would also add more than 2 DO schools, especially if your GPA is just average.
Jul 30, 2009
Hi beth1,

Your stats are similar to mine (29S) and 3.53 sci GPA, 3.43 overall, 3.92 Graduate. Your ECs look very good IMO and could make up some ground for the MCAT and GPA, especially the Africa volunteer position. My concern for you is that you are just now verifying your primary application while many of us have been complete for a month now. As a reapplicant you should know better. Applying early is key to an interview, especially for applicants with stats like ours. I am also a reapplicant who applied later in the cycle my first time around (verified in August) and although I applied to 15 MD schools (secondaries completed at each one) I did not receive any interview invites that year. So, I can understand the situation you are in from that point of view and I wish you the best for this year. I agree with JimmerJammer, you must apply to more DO schools if you want to have a realistic chance at being accepted this application cycle. What state are you from? I hope you have several state schools to choose from. This could give you a decisive advantage over people like me who come from a state where there is no medical school. Also, do you have any research experience? That can go a long way toward getting an acceptance at a strong research oriented medical school. Out of curiosity, what specialty would you like to go into? Are you interested in rural medicine? Best of luck to you!!!
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Mar 24, 2009
Physiology, Genetics, and Microbiology are all classes that would help ease your way in med school. Schools vary in how difficult thses couses are, but I think Microbiology would be the easiest to get an A in.

I think you have an excellent chance at a DO acceptance, but even though your stats are a bit sub-par for MD schools, your Americorps involvement is one of those ECs that adcomms love to see and may well overshadow your numbers. I think you have a reasonable chance of an MD acceptance on that basis.
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