cGPA 3.67 sGPA 3.55 URM

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Jan 8, 2016
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I'm looking for some realistic advice and maybe some help with a school list. I will be entering my senior year next fall as a Biology major and Chem minor. I don't think that I will apply this cycle. If I decide not to, I will stay an extra semester and complete a Spanish minor. Also, I plan to continue my clinical volunteering up until I have an acceptance, so that would increase as well.

cGPA: 3.67
sGPA: 3.55
MCAT: 512 (125/130/127/130)

Volunteering: 60 hours of clinical. 150 with other campus organizations. 100 of which coming from the same organization I've been involved in since my freshman year.

Shadowing: I have 15 hours of shadowing a family practice doctor shadowing in a rural area.

Research: 300 hours research experience and one paper pending publication

Employment: I've been employed in some capacity for most of college. The first two years I worked retail and starting last summer I was also an employee in one of the Genetics research labs on campus.

Other: Like it says in my title I am a URM. I am also an Oklahoma resident. Born and raised in a town with a population of 900, I have a real interest in rural medicine. Ideally, I would like to go to the University of Oklahoma as that is where I am for undergrad. Otherwise I have a lot of family in San Antonio and Amarillo so UTSA and Texas Tech also have caught my eye, but I'm not sure it would be worth applying out of state even with strong ties.

What do you guys think?

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He/She's asking for your ethnicity I believe. What kind of URM?
You have a great shot at your state school. Make sure to apply to the HBCU's, including UCLA-Drew. I believe you have a good chance at receiving interest from top 20 schools.
You can apply to any private school you might prefer to your state school with a good chance of success, especially if that is your only MCAT.

It is! What do you think about applying to Texas schools? I know it's unforgiving to OOS but two of my older siblings live in the San Antonio area so I'd like to apply to UTSA.