cGPA 3.75, sGPA 3.76, 29 MCAT, Canadian

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Jan 16, 2015
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Hi everyone! Just got back my mcat score today and I'd like to see if its worth applying to US Med schools.

cGPA: 3.75
sGPA: 3.76
MCAT (January score): 29 (10 VR, 10BS, 9PS). Got a 27 back in September. Unfortunately I didn't improve by much.
URM (But I'm Canadian so not sure if this matters. If it doesn't I'm probably screwed)

Here are my EC's:
- Student Health Educator at my University (2 years, 250 hours)
- Hospital Volunteering (300 hours). Various tasks: patient transport, meal-time assistance, administrative work.
- Asssitant to occupational therapist (2 years, 150 hours)
- Research Assistant (paid and volunteer). 2 years. Abstract submission, conference presentation. Publication in June hopefully. Around ~ 500 hours.
- Research Assistant (summer, different lab than above).
- NSERC URSA (Summer)
- Involved with some clubs/organizations at my school. Biology club, student's association, etc..
- Overseas medical trip (1 week)
- Volunteer at Community centre (3 years). Tutoring after school program.
- Experience working in retail. Only 1 year though.

- I think I'll be able to add shadowing experience before June.
- Trying to work on my EC's some more.

I'm considering writing the MCAT again, but I really don't want to. Let me know what you guys think...

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Which community do you represent?
There are a few US MD schools with an MCAT median not far from yours.
Get the new MSAR and identify the ones that took at least a couple of internationals last year.

I'm African-Canadian. I browsed through the schools accepting international students. Unfortunately most had a median of 32. It looks like I have a good shot at Meharry and Howard though.
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