May 27, 2015
Hi everyone! I'd like to get some second opinions about my likelihood of being accepted into my top schools. Here are my stats:

Biology (B.S), Psychology from Winthrop University
Overall GPA
Prerequisite GPA
4.0 (for now; I still have a few to take)
OT Observation Hours
151 total
-106 (pediatric outpatient clinic)
-50 (adult inpatient hospital)
Work Experience
Summer camp counselor for three summers (preschool to rising 2nd graders)
-Babysat a four-year-old for a year
-Currently a desk host at my university
-This isn't work experience, but I have an autistic sibling, so I was raised around special needs children
Volunteer Experience
Scattered here and there; about twenty hours collectively at schools
Research/Presentation Experience
400 hours working alongside a gradate student on her Masters thesis project; presented this research to my school's science departments.
-Traveled abroad to Costa Rica to collect data on a project that the professor has been collecting for ten years; will present this data at a water conference in November.
Honors and Awards
Member of Beta Beta Beta (Biological Honors Society)
-Dean's List for the last two semesters
Preferred Schools
-Husson University
-Colorado State University
-University of Wisconsin-Madison
-Virginia Commonwealth University

I'm taking the GRE on August 19, which (unfortunately) plays a huge part in where I'll be able to go. My "Diagnostic Score" placed me in a bracket about three points below where I feel like I should be, so I've been studying in an attempt to bring that up to where it needs to be.

If anyone knows of other schools to apply to, I am open to suggestions!

Thank you for your time!
Jun 2, 2015
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Hello! I am also applying to OT schools. I have found that everyone has their opinion of your chances. Some say GPA really matters while others say the interview and volunteer experiences really matter. I think you have to try your best and see what happens. You seem to have a lot of good experience and a good educational background. Everyone will have a unique background, so go in ready to sell yourself, if you are invited to interview. On top of shadowing and doing well in my classes, I am reading an OT book and I read about the therapeutic techniques I have seen. If invited to interview, I want to sound like someone who has done her homework, and I definitely want to be comfortable talking about OT. Those are things to consider, if you have not already. I wish you the best of luck!
Jul 18, 2015
Would you recommend the book you're reading, and if so, can you share the title? I think that's a terrific idea!
Jun 2, 2015
Pre-Occupational Therapy
I forgot to add my recommendation. Sorry, I typed that before coffee. I have not completed the book, but so far, I like it. It's a good intro to OT, and it's easy to understand. I think it's a great starting point for prospective students.