Dec 5, 2010
Hi all,

I was a double philosophy/economics major at a BIGSTATEU in the northeastern United States. Following graduation, I signed onto serve in AmeriCorps and have been working for the past year (as part of the AmeriCorps program) with a public health organization in a rural community.

My undergraduate GPA is poor; it stands at around 3 due to a poor first year (upward grade trend starting sophomore year).

I haven't taken the GRE yet, because I'm wondering if I will have any shot at all in getting into a top MPH program even with an above average score.

If it would help, I can serve two more years in the program.

What sort of GRE do I need? How much studying should I do to get there?

EDIT: Softs include PT work experience in unrelated fields starting sophomore year. I was also involved in many clubs and took leadership positions in one, becoming the Vice President and Community Service coordinator of a medium-sized club.

All of my LORs would be from my "employers."
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May 21, 2010
New Brunswick, NJ
Well first of all, what exactly is "around a 3"? A 2.9 is a lot different than a 3.1. You other stats sound fine as long as you do decently on the GREs. A lot of schools really like that Americorps type stuff, so that will definitely give you a leg up.