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Jan 2, 2019
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Hey everyone, this is my second time around applying for dental school. I received one interview last cycle but I'm currently waitlisted so it doesn't look promising. My undergrad GPA is not good but I'm hoping my current progress in my SMP will boost my chances. Thanks for reading and any advice/comments are greatly appreciated! Any recommended school choices would be helpful as well.

Undergrad oGPA = 3.1
Undergrad sGPA = 2.8

DAT - 20AA 20TS 19BIO 20OC 21GC 20PAT 22RC 17QR (only attempt)

Masters (Biomolecular Science) GPA = 4.0 - keep in mind that this program is still in-progress and by the time my application is sent out I will be a little over halfway done with it. It's scheduled to end in early December and I'm very confident that I can maintain this GPA. Worst case scenario is probably a ~3.7

I'm a little worried that schools will want me to be completely done with the program before they consider me but there's nothing I can do.

Volunteering hours are the same as last cycle = 62hrs
I've added 30 more hours of shadowing = 141 total hours

As I intend to explain in the newly added section of the application, COVID-19 hindered my ability to add dental-related volunteering experience as well as shadowing, unfortunately. A pre-dental volunteering/shadowing program at a community clinic was cancelled.

LOR's = 2 science professors from my Masters program and 2 dental professionals

I believe that's everything. Again, any help is appreciated!
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