Chances? 3.17 cGPA 3.31 sGPA 3.39 BCP DAT 20/22/21/19/21/18

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by thuynh818, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. thuynh818

    thuynh818 2+ Year Member

    Jun 17, 2013
    Chances? 3.17 cGPA 3.31 sGPA 3.39 BCP
    DAT 20/22/21/19/21/18 TS: 20 AA: 20
    4 LOR - dentist, volunteer coordinator at hospital, 2 science professors
    Took the DAT on 9/19 so still awaiting update, I'm so late =(

    Applied to:
    1. Western
    2. ASDOH
    3. Columbia
    4. Georgia regents
    5. LSU
    6. Midwestern
    7. NYU
    8. Southern Illinois
    9. Tufts
    10. Buffalo
    11. UCLA (reach)
    12. CONN
    13. Florida
    14. Oklahoma
    15. Tenn
    16. San Antonio
    17. Washington

    The late application stress is killing me, but what are my chances with my stats. Please and thank yous.
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  3. 2THDDS

    2THDDS 2+ Year Member

    Jul 26, 2014
    decent stats(minus oGPA), but it is somewhat late in the cycle. Hopefully your DAT will upload soon and you can esubmit if you haven't already.
    I think you will have some chance for post-december interviews, but you might be lucky to get even 1 pre-december interview at this point in time, just because it's almost october by the time you have everything uploaded and have it sent to the schools.

    I mean, if you already applied, it's a done deal and all you can do is wait and if you get interview, just give it your everything.
    I was fairly late too (everything sent on 9/5), but I got lucky enough to have gotten 2 interviews so far, which I am very grateful for.

    Good luck! We are all anxious here until we get an acceptance somewhere, so keep your chin up and enjoy the ride.!
  4. thuynh818

    thuynh818 2+ Year Member

    Jun 17, 2013
    Thank you for the thoughts, good luck!
  5. Texas Dental

    Texas Dental

    Nov 20, 2013
    Nice work man! Only thing I really see as a problem is Texas schools. If you are not a resident (especially at this time in the application cycle) might not be worth it. Best of luck tho!!
  6. dentist32721


    May 8, 2015
    Have you gotten into schools?
    I have pretty much the same stat as yiu

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