Oct 6, 2014

I will be applying next cycle and am just looking for some advice and honest feedback as I work towards getting my application together. I'm taking a year off and would like to use my time to my best advantage!

I am double major in biochemistry and music, so I'm hoping to play up my musical background as a violinist on my application. Will medical schools actually value this or is that just a myth?

Like I said:
MCAT - 35 (first/only time) Breakdown: 10 verbal, 11 physical sciences, 14 biological sciences
GPA - 3.82 (science/non-science about equal)

- Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Program - Several years of research in computational biology. Still working on the project and hopefully getting a publication together this year.
- Research and Innovation Intern at Medtronic - Worked at Medtronic for a year now, now a paid intern.
- Laboratory Internship abroad in Spain - spent a summer in Spain working in a hospital laboratory running tests and communicated in Spanish.

- Probably the weakest part of my application. I have some volunteering experience (about 50 hours) and shadowing (about 50 hours, too) but I am definitely looking to improve this area before I apply.
Any recommendations? I've thought about becoming an ER scribe during my year off and will continue to volunteer in a hospital, but am open to many different opportunities.

- 4 years in conservatory orchestra, have been top seats and am now co-principle second violin.
- Played in opera, quartets, small ensembles and local orchestras
- Involved in my sorority
- Honors program
- Other leadership roles in Mortar Board, other honors societies...
- Global Medical Brigades

I'm applying mostly in California, but also to other schools throughout the country!

Thank you all :)


Not that other guy
Oct 25, 2012
Go buy the MSAR and then identify schools whose median stats for matriculants are similar to your own