Chances as a Canadian Student applying to US Dental Schools this cycle?

May 4, 2020
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So I have a CGPA of about a 3.72, sGPA of 3.7, good ECs and 4 solid reference letters as well. I wrote the DAT before (in 2019) and I had a 17AA, but I am also writing again on November 24th

What are my chances on receiving interviews for the US? I submitted my application about a month ago and on file I have shown my previous DAT score. I also wrote that I am rewriting in November so that they relook at my application once they receive the new scores.

I applied to Boston, CaseWestern, NYU, Buffalo, Minnesota, UDM, Temple, Midwestern (IL).

Just wanted some opinions! Thank you.


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Feb 7, 2012
Saskatchewan, Canada
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Also Canadian with good EC, 4 decent LOR (professor, dentist, research professor, etc all know me well.), high-ish GPA and low DAT. (3.85 GPA, 3.83 sGPA, 17TS, 19AA). I applied in July and wrote the DAT in late September. I got one interview out of the 4 American schools I've applied for so far. I'm a little disappointed, but I couldn't blame anyone bc of my low DAT...

UDM gave me an interview invite in October, and I haven't heard from Temple with my stats.
Above are my stats. I don't know about other schools, but I felt it might be too late in the cycle unless maybe if you nailed the DAT and update with the school personally so they know the update. Hope it helps!!
Btw are you applying to Canadian schools as well?

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