DO Chances at DO admission?

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Sep 15, 2014
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I think you'll be fine at all except AZCOM, CCOM and the Touros. However, TUNCOM should be OK. It's still not too late to add schools, and so think about MUCOM, AT Still, all three VCOMs, PCOM-GA, ACOM, DMU, Wm Carey, LMU and KYCOM

Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University, AZ
Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine, NC
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University, Admissions Office, IL
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine - Erie/Seton Hill, PA
Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine, FL
NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine, NY
Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, OH
Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine, WA
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, PA
Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (formerly UMDNJ SOM), NJ
Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York, NY
Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine - California, CA
Western University of Health Sciences/College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific - Pomona, CA[/QUOTE]