Chances at this point

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Jan 11, 2008
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These are my stats:
P:11 V:10 B:10
AMCAS GPA 3.69 overall and 3.65 BCPM
NJ resident

Just sent out updated grades - a 4.0 last semester with two science classes should bring everything up a bit.

I just got waitlisted at UMDNJ, which was statistically my best shot. I recently received a late Feb. interview at SUNY Downstate.

A lot of incompetence at my school delayed my transcript and LORs so I wasn't complete at most schools until late October to early November.

When I took the MCAT, I had less than 4 weeks to prep because of other obligations, but brought my score from a 24 on AAMC #3 to a 31 on the real thing. I think I could bring it up more with more time to prep, so if I'm applying again, I think I should retake. Retaking is expensive and time consuming, but if I'm going to do it, I should start prepping now and sign up for an April or May date soon - sooner than I'll be hearing from SUNY Downstate.

So what do you guys think? Do I still have a decent shot at getting in somewhere, or should I prepare to take the MCAT again?


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Apr 4, 2007
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Having your applications complete somewhat late due to the LOR issue may have been a factor, but I think you have reasonable stats. If there is any weakness in your application it would be that your clinical experience began five months before you applied, and your community service at the hospital, three months. The average applicant has 1.5 years of each. If you've continued those activities, you should be fine in the next application cycle. Of course, a higher MCAT score never hurts.

And you do have a chance this cycle. You haven't heard from a number of schools. I'd hope you mentioned your ongoing clinical activities in your update letter. Nice job on the 4.0 BTW.