Chances at top tier med schools

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Feb 16, 2013
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cGPA: 3.69
sGPA: 3.61
MCAT: 34

Lots of leadership. One publication, multiple abstracts and poster presentations. tutor, university honors, etc.

I'm looking for UM-AA since I live in Michigan.

MCAT breakdown:

12 VR 10 PS 12 B

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You'll need to give a lot more info for anyone to give you feedback. Your stats are good, but for top tier they fall in the average to mediocre category. They aren't low enough to hold you back necessarily, but it will be the strength of your ECs that makes or breaks your shot, IMO.
Any medically related experience? Have you worked/volunteered at a hospital? These kinds of activities are viewed favorably by AdCom's.
Be more specific. If I were to just look at your post now and make an assumption, you have 0%. Clinical experience is an unspoken requirement and you didn't mention having any.

Expand on you EC's, then you'll get better "chances".