Nov 2, 2010
So yeah, just killing time before the prematch in 12 days. Just wanted to get some opinions on my chances of getting in, now that I've had a few interviews.

Stats & ECs overview:
GPA: 3.4 (s & c) - upward trend, not ridiculous but still fairly obvious MCAT: 34Q (9/11/14)

-Registered EMT-B (spring 08)
-Member of pre-health club (since spring 08)
-Volunteer for Hospice (since fall 09)
-Medical trip to latin america (spring '10)
-Instructor for mcat prep (spring '10)
-Officer of said prehealth club (since spring '10)
No research :(

Application experience:
Submitted semi-on time (mid june- transmitted early august)

Interviews at:
-TCOM - early sep
-T-A&M - early sep
-UT-Houston - late oct

They all went pretty well- conversational discussion and blah.

Anyways, just looking for a few opinions about chances for 1- getting a prematch, and 2- getting in at all- pretty much just for kicks.. only way to really know is by waiting... but that's no fun!

Thanks for your time!