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chances for CA and TX

Discussion in 'What Are My Chances?' started by bigslick, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. bigslick

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    Aug 14, 2008
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    Medical Student
    Hi everyone,

    What are my chances for CA and TX medical schools? Here are my stats with grades included from this quarter:

    Junior, bioengineering major
    AMCAS cGPA: 3.71
    AMCAS BCPM GPA: 3.64
    TMDSAS cGPA: 3.81
    TMDSAS Science GPA: 3.79

    Taking prep course next quarter, and then the actual MCAT in April.

    Residency: TX for TMDSAS, possibly CA for AMCAS (is this possible?). I heard you can select one state of residence on AMCAS if you qualify for two states, and I have a CA drivers license, filed CA income taxes, and voted in CA. I asked TMDSAS if I can still be classified as a TX resident (with CA license, etc.) and they said yes, since my parents live in TX and I went to high school there (as well as lived there my whole life prior to college).

    - did nothing freshman year
    - worked a job during fall and winter of sophomore year, 10 hours/week
    - Research started in spring of sophomore year, worked 10 hours/week in the spring, 30-35 hours/week over summer, and 10 hours/week in the fall of junior year. Nothing spectacular so far, but won a scholarship to perform research and will present a poster in the spring.
    - Tau Beta Pi, tutored 2 hours/week for a quarter as part of initiation during spring quarter of sophomore year
    - Hospital volunteering for a total of 75 hours over summer
    - Club, traveled to local communities and performed free blood pressure and body mass index screenings. Started fall of junior year, put in about 20 hours for meetings and visiting communities, and about 6 hours for training.
    - Symphony orchestra, started in fall of junior year. I actually played cello 7 years before college then stopped. Right before junior year, flew cello halfway across the country, auditioned, and got in. Rehearse 2.5 hours/week, 1 concert at end of each quarter.

    I'm a little worried about my clinical experience, but it seems like there's almost no time for me to get the clinical that I need with an engineering curriculum and my research position. Would volunteering more during summer 2009 for the 2009-2010 cycle help, even though I plan on submitting early? And between shadowing or more volunteer work, which is preferred? Any input as to where I stand right now would be great.

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  2. batman1983

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    Mar 4, 2007
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    I think you can get away with TX on TMDSAS and CA for AMCAS for state residency since you do have ties with both and plus, I think none of the UCs and UTs ever exchange any info. Moreover, since the UCs and UTs use different forms, each will never know that you applied to the other system.
    Also, I know that since the UTs arent as competitive as the UCs, they take large number of OOS and do give consideration to OOS with ties to the state. I was able to get into UTSW as OOS w/ties(I declared CA as residency, but was born and spent my early childhood in TX)

    Assuming your MCAT score is above a 33(if you are asian or white) or a 27(if URM), I think your ECs are golden for TX schools and above avg for the UCs. The UCs want ppl that either have lots of research or that want to work with the underserved, so I would recommend doing some volunteering with underserved(maybe at an inner-city hospital or something), while nonetheless still gearing your app towards research. As for volunteering for summer 2009, I think it will help you for the since you can update the UCs about the activity. I would recommend volunteering in a hospital, since it allows for shadowing as well.

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